Jereh EMG
Jereh EMG
Jereh Group
Jereh EMG
Products & Services
Integrated Oily Waste Management
Integrated Environmental Remediation and Management
Integrated Mechanical Tank Cleaning, Sludge Recovery
Oily Waste Management Equipment
Municipal Environmental Management Equipment
Mechanical Tank Cleaning & Sludge Recovery Equipment
Core Technologies
Thermal Desorption Technology
Sludge Oil Recovery Technology
In-situ Thermal Desorption Technology
Solidification/Stabilization Technology
Ecopile Technology
Wastewater Reuse Technology
HAEMERS Technologies Group(exclusive partnership)
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development of CNPC
Drilling Technology Research Institute of CNPC
Technology Research Center of CNOOC
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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