Lithium battery recycling equipment
The lithium battery recycling equipment is a cutting-edge device independently developed by Jereh, designed to address the issues of inadequate sorting efficacy and low recovery rate of battery powder in existing waste lithium-ion battery crushing and sorting technologies. The system enhances the recycling efficiency of lithium batteries by means of precise dismantling and screening, resulting in a high resource recovery rate. Simultaneously, it provides support and assurance for efficient, safe, and eco-friendly recycling practices while promoting intelligent, sustainable, and standardized transformational development. Facilitate the interconnection of key nodes in recycling equipment and realize the integrated development of the retired power battery recycling industry chain.
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Technology Introduction
Technology Introduction
Pyrolysis technology
Through precise temperature control in an oxygen-free environment, multi-stage processes are employed to remove substances such as searator, electrolyte and binder (PVDF), resulting in efficient separation and high purity recovery of battery powder.
Smart-Shear technology
By subjecting the material to multiple shear shocks through loading various compound forces, a uniform dispersion effect is formed and coating problems are avoided. Special cutting tool design utilizing alloy materials jointly developed with an academician team, optimized for live shear conditions resulting in a service life increase of over 2 times.
Dust-Free technology
Through multi-condition simulation and flow field analysis, the dust-carrying capacity of exhaust gas has been reduced by over 50%. By implementing strict sealing and negative pressure control measures, the elimination of odor and dust pollution is significantly enhanced to ensure a hygienic and healthy production environment.
Intelligent sorting technology
Effective separation of electrode plate, copper,aluminum, and battery powder. Customization of the separator and electrolyte achieve complete recovery of all components.
5G control technology
Real-time collection of equipment running status, monitoring data and other information can be achieved through the terminal sensing system. With the assistance of a 5G data transmission control center, on-site data can be centrally displayed and equipment operation status can be adjusted instantly.
  • Pyrolysis technology
  • Smart-Shear technology
  • Dust-Free technology
  • Intelligent sorting technology
  • 5G control technology
Core Strengths
Equipment Advantage
Multiple Security
● "Multi-Seal" combined sealing technology.
● Real time monitoring of oxygen content, temperature, pressure and flame. Hazard elimination.
● Initiate repair procedures in emergency situations.
● Inert gas protection system.
● Equipped with emergency explosion relief devices.
● Equipped with emergency fire extinguishing devices.
Full Component Recovery
● The recovery rate and can reach 98%.
● The purity of the black powder 98%.
● Realize full component recovery of membranes and electrolytes.
Environmental Design Concept
● No other pollution such as dust and odor.
● The exhaust device is 50% less than the conventional device,Achieve efficient separation of gas and solid.
● Achieve efficient separation of gas and solid.
● Special exhaust gas treatment equipment to meet the standards.
Shorten the Process. Cost Reduction
● Saves installation time and occupies a small floor area.
● Low operating costs, reduced by 10% compared to traditional processes.

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